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What does essayprofit offer?

50-70% of each new client’s order

The more new customers you bring, the higher your profit will be.We’ll turn any user into a customer! An average monthly income from new clients is $21 600.
*see the income calculator

Up to 30% from the clients’ repeat purchases

If you have been dreaming of getting paid while doing little, then we have a surprise for you.
The average income rate from the clients’ repeat purchases is $37 800 a month with 15% commission payout. We control all the processes and guarantee the highest quality of the product.

Expert Info-help

Your personal manager will share tips and tricks with you for the promotion of your website in the educational field:

  • The list of the keywords
  • Seasonality
  • Papers’ relevance & Common advice

Fast development and setting of the website

Technical support at any stage of the website development. We’ll provide you with our WP templates and plug-ins developed especially for the target audience. It takes us from 30 minutes to 1 hour to deploy a website.


High customer lifetime value

On the average, our customers repeat their purchases on our websites 7-9 times

Guaranteed payments

We pay in US dollars on any business day via such payment systems: Webmoney, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer.

Average order is ~ $150

Some orders can exceed $3000

A full range of promo materials

WP themes, banners, promocodes, email templates, unique promo materials at request.

Your revenue calculator

For example, you handle the volume of 200 unique pieces a day with 4% conversion and an avarage order is $150.

It is 8 orders a day for $150.

Your mounthly revenue is

= ( 8 orders
per day
X 150 an average
X 60% an average
) X 30 days per

21 600

Stability guarantee

  • Our company is a direct advertiser, and we control the entire cycle of services.
  • We are on the market since 2010, and that is why Our clients trust us.
  • EssayProfit is a leader in education niche: We employ over 1'500 native-speaking authors.